AquaVista 500 Wall Mounted Aquarium Review

When it comes to the best wall mounted aquarium, the Aquavista 500 is a strong contender.

aquavista wall mounted aquarium

With a 5 star review (at the time of writing this review), the Aquavista 500 is wall mounted which hangs like a painting.

It is very low maintenance and extremely easy to fit and set up. With a capacity of 6.6 gallons, the Aquavista 500 often only requires 10 minutes of maintenance each month!

The aquarium can also be fully customized, with alternative background pictures available. The AV500 will be delivered pre-assembled with all of the required  advanced filtration system, a heater, the air pump, integrated lighting and the embedded control panel which allows you to set the light and temperature values.

The Aquavista 500 has featured on HGTV, USA Today, and the New York Times.


Why Have A Wall Mounted Aquarium?

It can’t be denied that wall mounted aquariums are simply the most convenient and one of the most easy to maintain aquariums available.

Primarily, they are excellent space savers, as they are mounted on a wall rather than filling precious floor space which could be utilised better and they are also the easiest type of aquarium to clean.  Another deciding factor to note is that in choosing a wall mounted aquarium you’ll guarantee that there will be no risk of damage to your room carpet or other flooring.

Mounting The AquariumWall Mounted Aquarium

You may believe that they may be difficult to fit, however mounting a wall mounted aquarium is less of a challenge than you may think, although you may prefer to hire a contractor if you would be more comfortable not doing it yourself.

In terms of fixtures and fittings, wall mounted aquariums will always come complete with the necessary components, often including the light and filter. Once the mounted aquarium is on the wall you can immediately begin to fill it with water, and once filled and the setup is complete, you should allow the water to be filtered for at least 24 hours before introducing any fish.

Wall Mounted Aquarium

Living Art

With the tank complete and swimming with fish, you’ll have a beautiful piece of living art – right there on your wall!

Why More People Choose Wall Mounted Aquariums?

You have a great deal of variety when choosing a finish for your aquarium, such as brushed metal – steel/aluminium.  These are often coated with a resin which maintains the sheen.

Most of the wall mounted aquariums featured on this site are shipped complete with filters, lights, siphon for cleaning the tanks, and also a net which may be used should you need to take out your fish.  In addition you will find that all featured aquariums come with a manufaturer guarantee for your added peace of mind.

Wall mounted aquariums are not designed for larger fish but please remember that they aren’t designed to compete with standard fish tanks.

Maintaining Your Wall Mounted Aquariumbubble Wall Mounted Aquarium

In general, aquariums can take a lot of time to clean, and this is what attracts those without the time to clean standard tanks.  A wall mounted aquarium is very easy to clean.  Access to the inside is often via a single glass or plastic plate from which you can use the included siphon in order to remove the water and other debris from the bottom of the tank.  Because the tanks are naturally narrow by design, the amount of water is low therefore it takes no time at all.

Other Reasons Mounted Aquariums Are Better Than Regular Tanks

Most US household have either children or pets in the home, or both. Regular tanks can be tipped, especially if they are on tall stands.  Wall mounted aquariums are to be fitted out of the reach of children.

They also are a great way to relax, with studies showing the can help reduce stress by a great deal. Also apart from being very low maintainance, wall mounted aquariums are available in many shapes, sizes and styles, there is literally one to suit every households taste.